Cardinal Awards

The Cardinal Awards ceremony seeks to honor students, who are doing great things in their communities and on their school campuses.

There are various awards and scholarships presented at the banquet. The majority of the awards are presented to middle school and high school students, with some additional honors and scholarships for adults and organizations.

Anyone can nominate an individual or a YCWV club for a Cardinal Award. Even for the individuals who do not win an cardinal award, it is an honor to be nominated for the event, and all nominees(*) are even honored with free tickets to the Cardinal Awards Banquet. Don’t miss an opportunity to nominate someone today.

Specific awards for the 2014-2015 Cardinal Awards have not been finalized. We will be posting this information in early 2015.

Below you will find information on previous awards and the requirements, these are subject to change.


Outstanding Christian Leadership Award

  • Must be a middle or high school student
  • Must have a GPA of 2.0 (unweighted)
  • Devoted Christian student
  • Strong leadership abilities among peers
  • An awareness of the need for Christ on campus among students

YCWV Club Award

  • Must have a complete and active leadership team (student leaders, club sponsor, campus pastor)
  • Must participate in Regional YCWV events and activities
  • Must be making a positive impact on the campus in the following areas:
    • Community Service
    • Support initiatives for faculty and staff
    • Academic Achievement

YCWV Teacher Sponsor Award

  • Must be serving as a club sponsor for an active (meets regularly) YCWV Club on a high school or middle school campus
  • Must be meeting regularly with and be supportive of the YCWV Leadership Team
  • Must be making a positive impact with students consistent with the mission of YCWV