Youth Commission WV (YCWV) Clubs

What if there was a place at your school where students from every family background, denomination, faith or no faith, religion or no religion, could come together in a safe, welcoming environment, and hear about how Jesus loves us and and how He wants us all to be in relationship with Him?

What if this place was safe to build relationships with new students who care about one another, where you aren’t judged for who you are, and where your questions of life and faith could be asked without being laughed at?

Imagine if students were sharing their passionate love for Jesus with others, not because they have to, but because they can’t help but share the treasure they found with others. Imagine if all of this was led by students, for students.

Well, that’s what a YCWV club is…it’s a weekly gathering that happens on school campuses because students like you want to see the love and servant-lifestyle of Jesus exemplified at their school, and offer other students a safe environment to learn about Jesus. YCWV clubs are started by middle or high school sudents, who run the clubs themselves each week, advised and supported by local youth pastors and teachers. Any student can start a YCWV club at their school if there isn’t one already (check the list first to see if your school has a YCWV club).

If you are ready to see what it takes to start a YCWV club, click the Starting a YCWV Club link.